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We are pleased to be able to offer unique day trips to Lundy Island aboard the catamaran Obsession II. With plenty of space for up to 12 passengers, she boasts both covered and uncovered outdoor seating, a comfortable wheelhouse for those who prefer to be inside and an upper deck for those who like uninterrupted 360° views.

First Lundy trip of 2017: Wednesday 31st May


with Lundy Diving

Lundy has been a pioneer for the UK’s marine conservation for over 40 years. In 1971, the waters around the Island were designated as the first Voluntary Marine Nature Reserve, and then in 1986 this became the first Statutory Marine Nature Reserve. In 2000, the first No Take Zone in the UK was placed along Lundy’s east coast, and within this area nothing (particularly plants and animals) may be taken or added – up to the high water mark along the shoreline. 2010 saw Lundy’s Marine Nature Reserve become the UK’s first Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ), specifically for the protection of the Spiny lobster, also known as a Crawfish, which is very rare.

When you sail with Obsession II, you are making a WiSe choice, as we are accredited as a Wildlife Safari Safe Operator, both locally by the joint Lundy Island / North Devon Biosphere scheme and nationally as a member of the WiSe Wildlife Safe Operator scheme.

A typical trip sees us departing Ilfracombe Harbour between 8.00 and 10.00, for the 20 mile passage to Lundy Island. All you need to do is sit back, relax and keep your eyes peeled for the local wildlife. Sea birds are plentiful, and seals, dolphins and porpoises are regularly sighted on the journey.

​Once we have arrived at the Island, our trip will take two parts.

Depending on tide and weather, we may begin by taking you on a wildlife sea safari, down the coast of Lundy, or we may come alongside the jetty so that you may disembark and spend a few hours exploring on land.

Either way, you will have time on Lundy and a chance to experience its charms and diverse wildlife from the sea.

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Wildlife by Sea Safari:
This part of your trip will see you travelling around Lundy, with one of our main aims being to visit the resident population of Atlantic Grey Seals (and if we are lucky, some visiting Harbour Seals as well!). Our experienced skipper and crew will point out all the seals, sea birds and any other wildlife, both on the land and in the water, and the more curious of the seals may even come up for a closer look at the very familiar boat. During the puffins' nesting season, we'll take you into Jenny's Cove, where we'll help you spot these fantastic little birds as they dart in and out of their holes, or perhaps you'll even be lucky enough to see them airborne.

On Lundy Island:
The length of time you will have ashore will be tide and weather dependant, but typically will be around 5-6 hours. This gives you plenty of freedom to explore the unique topography of the Island, and to enjoy the hospitality offered by the Lundy residents, who are all willing and able to give information and help you during your time with them.

At a mere three miles long, and half a mile wide, Lundy rises 400 feet above sea level and is a place of outstanding natural beauty with tremendous views of England, Wales and the Atlantic. With nothing but sea between her and America, she was the last refuge for many a sailing ship bound for the 'New World', and has many stories to tell of days gone by.

​Activities on the Island range from the adventurous (such as rock climbing) to the relaxing (sitting and basking in the tranquility), with plenty in between. We can help arrange your day should you require, or just check out the notice board in the Marisco Tavern to see what's on offer during the day.

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